Term and Condition


Assistants are generally present in the session to assit in safety…..


Time is very variable, but it will be enough to complete a session. The photographer will tell you how much time for each session.


Clothing is available for Maternity and Newborns.For newborns, we have an endless supply of blankets, headbands, tieback, knits and props so you don’t need to bring anything. For maternity, our studio has over 200 gowns to use for Maternity. Limited clothing options are available for Children. Please call to discuss what is available. You are welcome to change clothes during session.


Our studio has variety backgrounds. You are welcome to choose your favorite backgrounds.

Belly Casting

Belly Casting is a process in which a cast is made on the pregnancy belly. We then hold the hardened cast to use as a prop during newborn sessions. Onced used, the Parents can take the cast home to keep.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup is available for fees paid to the Stylist. Please call the Studio for Stylist recommendations and referrals.

Home Sessions

Home sessions are photographed ONLY in natural light in the home. We do not bring lights or backdrops.

Hours of Operation are as follows:
Tuesday: 10-5 PM
Wednesday: 10-6 PM
Thursday: 10-5 PM
Friday: 10-6 PM

Evening appoinments are available on Tuesday and .. Thursday in which we take appoinments until 8PM. Weekend dates are available and are $100.00 extra. For evening and weekend appoinments it is best to schedule at the very least 2-3 weeks ahead of time as there is limited availability.


  • All ordering appointments are handled in our studio. We can schedule as early as 5-7 days after your session.
  • We will review all images with you and show you product options, discuss retouching and help you with your order.
  • Refreshments are provided and you will have plenty of time to review images. Children are welcome to come and play in our play area.
  • We have over 200 products available to you and deal with the best labs in the country. We can order any product you can imagine.
  • Keep in mind that we do not handle ordering appoinments online.
    At no time are RAW images included in any package. Images are hi resolution and will print just fine. For large wall prints, we do suggest ordering from our studio to guarantee quality.We do not sell our images and always have them backed up in several places.
  • For Celebrity or Hi Profile sessions the images are stored on a secure network.


Payments are made at time of booking in full for all sessions. Partial deposits can made for larger session fees and balance is paid at end of first session. All orders must be paid for at time of ordering session. We accept all major credit cars, debit cards, checks and cash. Sales tax is not charged on session fees, it is charged on products orders.


If you choose to cancel your session completely, a 15% credit card chargeback fee will apply.


scheduling appointments are handled over the telephone. For pregnancy we suggest sessions occur between 7-9 months. For newborns we suggest photographing within the first two weeks of birth. Newborn appoinments should be scheduled either BEFORE delivery or WITHIN 24-48 hours of giving birth.

Social Media

Ana is very active in Social Media, however; she does respect the right to privacy. Sneak peaks are available after sessions and Ana will always ask if you would like images posted to Social Media. If you do not want images posted publicity please mention at your session. Ana is very careful about her work and rarely shows nude or personal images unless it has been pre-approved by the subjects.


Video is captured during your session and edited once the images are complete. Video length can be anywhere from 3-7 minutes depending upon the type of session. video production occurs once the images have been fully edited and delivered to the client. Video production can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks after the images are completed and delivered to the client.


We are known for our dramatic drone photography, using a DJI Phantom 4 with HD camera that allows your buyers to view the property from a unique and different perspective – an excellent view that puts the buyer with the home in its natural environment. This will set apart your listing from all others. The difference in presentation can be visually dramatic and will have a positive and subtle impact on your clients.

  • Our drones provide a different perspective with every few feet they move, allowing us to take a large amount of pictures, giving us the opportunity to choose the absolute best views of your property. As part of our aerial photography service, we will deliver 7-8 enhanced, stunning shots of the exterior, each in the standard, high resolution size for listings and brochures, and the same, smaller images for typical MLS listings.
  • Using professional editing software, we will also produce a 3-5 minute video that will differentiate your clients’ listings from all the others. The video will be optimized to show on YouTube, Vimeo, and/or Facebook, where you can easily share with friends and prospective buyers and reach a larger audience.

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