My primary focus when taking pictures is to depict the story of what I'm shooting. Whether it's portraits, engagements, fashion, maternity or weddings, I love creating the story through the eyes of my camera lens. The majority of my work has been portraits and fashion; however, I shoot corporate clients, commercial products, actors, athletes, engagements, maternity, weddings and editorials. We also produce small-scale video production for small businesses and real estate companies.

Aside from photography, I have been in government, working for over 14 + years, working all over the country. I have seen life in many aspects which allows me to be versatile for any clients. We seek to bring a level of creativity equivalent to the creativity of our clients in order to deliver breathtaking images and videos.

Feel free to check out our work and contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services.

Photography is a static image. It does not have the freedom of a movie, nor the articulation of a story made in words. There is only one element that allows an image to tell a story: there must be at least a certain balance between the camera and the client. So, when I am asked what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.